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CCCS Welcomes New Staff Member Warren Edgar!

Image of Warren Edgar

With Warren stepping into the role of our new Head of Marketing Communications, we're gearing up for some exciting changes in how we approach video projects at CCCS. His background in television and new media development is poised to inject fresh energy into our team.

Drawing from his experience at PMC Channel 5, where he played a key role in streamable content and launching their streaming service, we anticipate a significant enhancement in the quality and effectiveness of our video content. From revamping our promo videos to capturing more compelling video testimonials and improving event coverage, Warren's expertise will undoubtedly elevate our communications strategies.

But Warren's impact won't be limited to just video projects. He'll also be instrumental in strengthening our online presence across our website and social media platforms. By leveraging his skills in digital media, we anticipate more engaging and interactive content that resonates with our audience and drives greater engagement.

In essence, Warren's arrival signals a shift towards more effective and impactful communication for CCCS. We're excited to see the positive changes he'll bring to our marketing efforts, both in video production and beyond. Welcome aboard, Warren!

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