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"That's a Wrap" on our Black History Month Community Wellness Fair!

Our Black History Month Community Wellness Fair was a total blast, and we're still riding high on the good vibes! If you couldn't swing by, no sweat—grab our toolkit to catch up on all the goodness from our jam-packed two-day event. We're talking heart-to-heart chats, eye-opening panels, and a treasure trove of resources you won't want to miss.

Would you like to join a free Monthly Wellness Group for Black Mainers? If so, fill out this survey to tell us what you think it should be about!

At Cross Cultural Community Services (CCCS), we're all about getting down to business where it counts. Our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion training isn't just jargon—it's about shaking things up in organizations all across Maine. And when it comes to leveling the playing field on health, we're rolling up our sleeves. From lending a hand to older Mainers to boosting family well-being and keeping those pearly whites shining, we're here for it all. Because in our book, everyone deserves a fair shot at living their best life.

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