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Pink Earth

We were searching for the right BIPOC led organization to partner with us to address issues facing older BIPOC Mainers.  When we found Cross CulturalCommunity Services and Regina, Abeir and Deqa, we knew our search was over! These wonderful women are collaborative, smart, strategic, and willing to tackle difficult issues to ensure the needs of BIPOC people are intentionally considered and met. They are trusted sources intheir respective communities,
and with the ECBO community, so are able to get
input from diverse community members to better
understand barriers and craft solutions. They
deliver what they promise and have become
important partners in our work.


Jess Maurer (she/her)

Executive Director

Maine Council on Aging

If you would like to submit a testimonial, please reach out to us via the Contact page. 


We are honored to have worked with such amazing organizations on their Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competency.

Each relationship has been different! 


We appreciate the support of these foundations and organizations in moving our programs forward. 

Maine Community Foundation

We received the Maine Community Foundations Black Ingenious and People of Color Grant, in order to provide cultural awareness training to New Gloucester United Against Racism.

Maine Initiatives Foundation

We have received two grants from the Maine Initiative Foundation.

State of Maine Office of Family Independence

We received a COVID Social Services grant in 2020 from the Office of Family Independence.

State of Maine Office of Behavioral Health

We received the StrengthenMe grant from the Office of Behavioral Health.

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