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As an organization that was established by three Black women, we wholeheartedly stand in solidarity with our Black Lives Matter brothers and sisters. We acknowledge the history and the hurt black people have endured for hundreds of years and strongly advocate for change and the dismantling of systemic racism.

Cross Cultural Community Services is an organization owned and operated by three women of color, with three lifetimes of personal and professional experience in the field of cultural equity and community building. We are dedicated to advocating for people of color, immigrant and refugee communities and combating white supremacy through education and advocacy.


Having worked together for over 15 years, these women know first-hand what needs to be done in order for organizations, businesses and communities to be successful in continually addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.


They are posed to offer services to anyone who wants to become more knowledgeable about Maine's growing refugee and immigrant communities and people of color. 

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We partner with schools, employers, health and mental health and juvenile justice organizations to educate your staff about the growing diversity in Maine and beyond.

Our trainings support a lifelong commitment to learning, adjusting, and having uncomfortable conversations with each other so we can dismantle racism. 

We support companies and organizations with employment issues centering around diversity. We observe staff and conduct focus groups and consultations to improve communications and relations within organizations. We also help employers look at their hiring practices and policies in order to hire diverse staff and provide career pathways for  staff of color.

We offer one-on-one coaching to help support individuals as they try to work with an organizational problem, advice on EDI strategies and statements, or individuals in a new position who need help maneuvering through work roles and responsibilities and systems. 
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Thank you so very much for coming to our retreat and providing such a thoughtful and open presentation for our staff. I heard many folks speak very positively about your presentation and I’m hoping that we can continue to work together in the context of Pine Tree Legal Assistance deepen understanding in issues of diversity & inclusion and increase comfort levels with having these conversations. 

Lillian Perlman

Pine Tree Legal 

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